Why we use the Divi builder

Oct 15, 2022 | Divi

Working as a web designer for a number of years has been an interesting time and an ever-changing environment. It’s one industry that has seen ample changes to some and could appear quite confusing and difficult to keep up with. But when you are involved, the development and progression of the industry seems to somehow make sense. As a relatively new builder to WordPress, here are some reasons Divi is our builder of choice.

1. Clients love Divi and may not even be aware of that yet.

This is one of the main reason we use the Divi Builder. Over the past couple years we have been experimenting and using different builders depending on the required build. Initially starting off building websites in HTML proved to be extremely time-consuming for the website build, minor updates as well as ensuring everything was up-to-date. This led to clients being dissatisfied with turnaround times and the difficulty of making minor changes. We then opened our doors to WordPress and SimplX Digital’s journey began. We have used various builders be it WPBakery, Elementor, Muffin builder etc to only find that none of these builders provided us with the functionalities that Divi has to offer.was a wonder for the industry when it came out and clients were to update their own sites.

Our clients are extremely satisfied with the ease of use with Divi, the endless possibilities with design as well as the endless functionalities that Divi has to offer.

2. Unbelievable development and turnaround times

Having the ability to create your own designs, import and clone your own designs and import the various layouts on any page allows for rapid and fast development. The Divi library is forever growing and we love it. Having the ability to import various commonly used sections such as call to actions, contact forms, our team sections make design a seamless process. Why recreate a design and reinvent the wheel when you dont have to.

Divi has hundreds of layouts that are ready to import that allow for easy customisation and implementation

3. Easy to update

Unlike other builders, Divi doesnt required a whole array of plugins to allow for an excellent website. We have experienced major bugs in the past with other builders when updating certain elements of the site. These bugs can often lead to hours of troubleshooting, if not days. We have found that Divi as a theme in itself is easy to update and hassle free. Divi is easy to use and is most often that not bug free.

4. The Divi layout library

Divi has a large selection of premade layouts. We provide the Divi layout library to all clients to enable them to choose the design that they would prefer upfront. Clients then have a clear expectation of what their website should look like and how the website is going to be designed. This allows for far less back and fourths on design elements as these have been discussed and approved upfront. We believe that this allows us as well as the clients to be more focused on the content of the site and have a clear journey for the website build at hand.

For more information regarding the Divi builder on wordpress.org please click here.

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